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Performance of Infinity Portfolios


Infinity Soul

Infinity Soul

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Very High Risk
Very High Returns

Very High Risk
Very High Returns




Infinity Power

Infinity Power

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Medium Risk
High Returns

Medium Risk
High Returns




Backtested results between 31st Dec 2015 to 30th Apr 2022​

Getting the market cap right making the biggest leap​

Getting the market cap right makes the biggest difference in exponential wealth creation. We have finally broken the code coupled with only top 5-10 stocks which auto aligns itself real time with changing market scenarios.​​

Investing in just
5-10 top stocks​

Infinity portfolio brings infinite possibilities. It can go 0-100% in any market cap, 0-100% in any sector and can have any allocation of its 5-10 stock approach. All in all this is truly the most dynamic portfolio ever created by us

Customized for you and pre approved by Investment Committee​​

Each portfolio can be with different stocks or allocations or market cap weights making it uniquely designed for you. All portfolios are pre approved by our Investment committee and tracked separately ​

Infinity Attention goes to limited members
with top management reviews

Infinity Attention goes to limited members with top management reviews​

Time isn’t the main thing, it’s the
only thing​

Time isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing​

Quarterly reviews not just around your portfolio but across any financial goal and objectives you may have. Remember sometimes one right decision can make all the difference. Yes, this would be with top management and face to face or on video calls​​

Exclusive Webinar and
event support​

Exclusive Webinar and event support​

Exclusive webinar and events just for our infinity members will ensure a club of like minded investors with opportunity to network and grow as a homogeneous group​

Infinity products will not be available with any brokers or distributors.
It will solely and exclusively be only for Infinity members​

Infinity Guarantee

You don’t pay if you don’t make gains from us​

Challenge Accepted​

Check how many advisors can take up this challenge. We will fully waive off our fees if every 6 months your portfolio is not higher than the last time we charged you fees. All in all, we will only win if you win and that is called true alignment

Total Annual Infinity Fees​


of assets

If portfolio doesn’t gain
every 6 months​



If portfolio doesn’t gain
every 6 months​



Paid every six months​


Not everyone can be an Infinity Member​

Infinity Service is high risk strategy aiming to generate high return. You have to be the right fit to avail this service. Also we need to be able to service you individually and hence it will always be a service for the limited few​

Step 1

Fill your application​

Step 2

Get a confirmation​

Step 3

Portfolio Creation

Step 4

Ongoing advisory​

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the HNI product. Can’t find the answer? Click here to send your query https://www.marketsmojo.com/mojo/feedback​

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